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Dr Chris Phillips

Dr Chris Phillips

Senior Researcher

Chris is a senior researcher at The Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating in Swansea working on materials and deposition methods for electronics, energy storage and biomedical sensing applications as well chemical profiling of breath for disease diagnosis. He has worked extensively with companies in printing and related industries with product development, trouble-shooting and environmental compliance.

Project: A new concept for advanced large-scale energy storage: secondary batteries with seawater as open self-replenishing cathode


This project is funded by EPSRC (EP/N013727/1) and is a new approach in the field of sodium-ion batteries in which seawater is used as the source of sodium in a hybrid battery/fuel cell. The project will optimise the materials and cell design so that the technology can be developed to reach the eventual target of medium/large-scale semi-submerged energy storage farms. These should provide long-duration storage and reliable frequent discharge for load-levelling, source-following and distribution deferral of today's renewable power sources.