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Emily Radley

Emily Radley

EngD Student

Emily is currently studying for an EngD in Materials science and Engineering at the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating (WCPC) in Swansea University. She has a bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Sussex University which she completed in 2014. Since starting her EngD in Swansea Emily has undergone a number of materials science modules as well as working with the project's sponsor company Beckers to isolate stress whitening in pre-coated metal (PCM) samples. Currently, Emily's work concerns the development of mechanical and chemical tests to determine the mechanisms stress whitening can occur by in different PCM systems. As well as accurately imaging samples to compare micro structure of different stress whitened materials.

Project: Stress Whitening in Pre-coated Steels and the Effect of Nano-particulate Solutions to Prevent Stress Whitening


To determine cause of stress whitening in different pre-coat metal systems used for the manufacture of home appliances. Once cause(s) of stress whitening have been determined, developments of a solution to stress whitening at the paint stage will take place, nanoparticles are being considered to play a role in the solution to stress whitening.