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Miles Morgan

Miles Morgan

PhD Student

Miles is currently studying for a PhD in Nanotechnology at the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating (WCPC) in Swansea University. He has a bachelor's degree in physics and completed a master's degree in nanotechnology at Swansea University in 2014, during which he worked at the WCPC to enhance transparent conducting films containing carbon nanomaterials. Presently, Miles' work involves the use and development of rheometric techniques to study extensional flows and surface instabilities in flexographic printing.

Project: Extensional Flows and Surface Flow Instabilities in Printing Towards Improved Printed Electronics


Roll-to-roll printing processes like flexography have considerable potential in the pursuit of low cost, high volume production of electronic devices. The present work seeks to better understand the influence of extensional flows in flexographic printing and their effect on print uniformity - a critical aspect of printed electronics.