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Dr Tim Mortensen

Dr Tim Mortensen

Research Assistant

Tim obtained an MPhys degree from Swansea University in 2009 and completed his EPSRC funded PhD on the "Manipulation of the magnetron orbits of particles and clouds in a two stage buffer gas accumulator" at the same institution in 2013. During his research with antimatter systems at Swansea and later in Saclay, Paris, he not only gathered and analysed experimental data, but designed and built a range of bespoke hardware and software solutions to facilitate simplified data acquisition and analysis. Upon his return to the UK in mid-2014, Tim was offered a role on a project in the field of printed electronics at the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating (WCPC) to create a low cost printed pressure sensor. The project far exceeded its expectations. The technology behind the sensor has been patented and is in the process of being commercialised by industrial partners of the University. He now works on the FLEXIPOWER project, an EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Large Area Electronics funded project developing printed wireless energy harvesting systems.

Project: Flexipower

Keywords: Large Area Electronics, Wireless Energy Harvesting, Antennas, Printing

The Flexipower project is creating a printed radio frequency (RF) energy harvesting system to provide power for low energy devices. The many benefits of printed electronics, such as low cost, flexibility and size are often negated in applications when they are combined with batteries or external power. Replacing batteries in printed devices will allow for low cost and environmentally friendly method for powering the next generation of electronics. The Flexipower project seeks to produce system for providing modest power (˜1mA) over a range of 0-3m.