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Advancing Printing & Coatings Network


For more information and to become a member, please visit the Advancing Printing Network website.

APN Website


The aim of the WCPC Advancing Printing and Coatings Network (APN) is to expand the coherent volume of under pinning science and its application for benefit of the printing industry. The WCPC already has an extensive track record of this type of research and its practical application in industry. The planned R&D programme for the APN will include work on all the major volume printing processes for both graphics and printing of functional materials such as sensors, polymer electronics and bio materials.

APN Membership is open to any company enterprise or individual whether located in the UK or elsewhere, that wishes to advance the cause of the APN. The membership fees will be used primarily for the purposes of funding research into printing technology within the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating (WCPC).

Membership Benefits

  • Public recognition of your company's role in the supporting leading edge printing & Coating research. Subject to your agreement there will be a members webpage with short description of your company and a link to your web site.
  • Access to WCPC research and development ahead of the rest of the printing industry.
  • Two seats at each of the two APN technical seminars per year (opportunity to buy more at the academic rate)
  • Two seats at each of the three APN industrially focused seminars per year (opportunity to buy more at the academic rate)
  • One seat at the WCPC Annual Technical Conference (opportunity to buy more at the academic rate)
  • Opportunity to influence the direction of research at WCPC Swansea University.
  • Exclusive access to a website from which reports, copies of presentations and papers can be downloaded. There will also be a forum discussing developments in printing technology and printing industry.