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The 41st Annual IARIGAI Conference on "Advances in Printing and Media Technology" will show how printing and media are moving forward in the 21st century. Printing has been defined as the art of rapidly and accurately placing "stuff on stuff". By habit and tradition, we think of printing as a technology for putting ink on paper in order to reproduce text and images. But, today, the technologies and methods for efficiently and on an industrial scale placing other substances on other substrates are increasingly capturing the attention of researchers and industry alike.

New focuses have emerged in previous conference on topics such as printed electronics and functional printing, whilst a second focus has emerged on the impact and use of non-printed digital media and the attitudes and expectations of consumers to the changing media landscape.

Is the venerable IARIGAI conference, so rich on traditions, moving away from print research? Certainly not. The conference is still centered on the problems and challenges of achieving quality and productivity in the printing process, investigating the factors that determine quality in printed products of different kinds, a wide and stimulating research field.

The focus for research and innovation in the print and media field and can considered as:

  • Printed functionality - innovative ways of using printing technology for totally new purposes
  • Printing processes and products - improvement of industrial processes and product development for traditional printed products
  • Quality in print - new methods for improving and maintaining the technical and perceived quality
  • Media development and the consumer - the problems and opportunities of satisfying consumer demands in a multimedia world

For more information about this years conference, including; programmes, travel and venue information, and what the conference is all about, why not check out the official conference website - www.iarigai-swansea.org/