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International Centre for Manufacture by Printing

Strategic Plan

Printing is in the midst of a transformational rebirth. Attracted by the possibility of higher productivity rates, lower costs, plus differentiating specifications and applications, companies from all industries are congregating around this large-scale additive manufacturing process.

To capitalise on this trend we propose the creation of the International Centre for Manufacture by Printing (ICMPrint). Incorporating existing Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating (WCPC) activities plus a specialised metrology and standardisation facility co-managed with the National Physical Laboratory, the ICMPrint shall transcend its academic origins to provide contract R&D services from underlying academic research to small-volume production, whilst facilitating on site trials for process improvement across Europe and North America with our global partners.

Local job creation and economic prosperity are the principal objectives of the ICMPrint. As such our activities shall be targeted towards meeting the needs of selected Target Markets. Each shall be justified by investment from at least on major strategic partner.

Remodelling the successes of the SPECIFIC consortium, we envisage opportunities for five additional Target Market specialities: APPLIED (applications of printing for lighting and electronic devices), biomed (healthcare), textiles, graphics and packaging.

icmPrint Vision

The WCPC is already acknowledged to be one of the foremost print manufacturing centres of excellence in the world. This strategic plan outlines how we will build upon our 25 years heritage, attract world-class scientists, clients and strategic investors, to secure an exciting future for print manufacturing in South Wales.