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WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Printing of Functional Applications Summer School, 11th - 15th July - Swansea University Bay Campus, https://t.co/csWtE9awSc #beachlocation

Tue May 24 13:51:00 — 2016
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Check out "Printing of Functional Applications - Summer School 2016" https://t.co/dwV6nG59BC @EventbriteUK

Wed May 11 09:09:39 — 2016
Ray Gibbs @RayGibbs3

Great that Directa Plus is listing for expansion.More Graphene capacity,reproducible-Critical to commercialisation https://t.co/vnTgtg8n61

Wed May 04 19:01:53 — 2016
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Check out "WCPC 12th Annual Technical Conference 2016" https://t.co/udj4ns7Mhi @EventbriteUK

Wed Apr 27 12:01:40 — 2016
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Check out "Printing of Functional Applications - Summer School 2016" https://t.co/dwV6nG59BC @EventbriteUK

Wed Apr 27 11:59:06 — 2016
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Printing of Functional Applications Summer School Swansea University11-15th July 2016 https://t.co/u6n7MFFGBq #curing #substrates

Thu Apr 14 09:26:11 — 2016
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

April associate webinar on Plasticized Biodegradable Nanocellulose Composites 28th April @ 2.30 GMT #plasticizer #bionanocomposites

Thu Apr 14 09:22:02 — 2016
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Come see us @ Lopec Munich #Printing #Coating #PrintedElectronics #Wales #Technology #RFID #Ink #EL https://t.co/hHBbyoONK0

Thu Apr 07 11:48:14 — 2016
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Dr Tim Mortensen is currently presenting on #RFID @ ActInPak Munich #Printing #Electronics #Packaging #Tech #Science https://t.co/azeic8Yrje

Tue Apr 05 10:02:15 — 2016
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

LOPE-C 2016 visit WCPC in Hall B0 stand 608

Tue Mar 29 13:13:54 — 2016
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Remote Plasma Deposition weibinar 4th April @ 2.30 p.m. Dr Hayley Brown of Plasma Quest Ltd join the webinar here https://t.co/biPyaKssdQ

Wed Mar 23 11:14:30 — 2016
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Details of our annual summer school are available at https://t.co/u6n7MFFGBq #functionalapplications #flexo #screen #gravure #pad #inkjet

Wed Mar 23 11:11:06 — 2016
Chris @ChrisHwcpc

Associate webinar reminder 31st March @ 2.30 p.m. on Extensional rheology and flexographic print uniformity by Miles Morgan #flexo #rheology

Fri Mar 18 13:55:28 — 2016
SPECIFIC-IKC @info_specific

The Great Hall on the #BayCampus looked pretty awesome last night @SwanseaUni @SUEngineering https://t.co/vT2rXslxQF

Thu Mar 17 15:21:19 — 2016
Ray Gibbs @RayGibbs3

Great video of our Haydale Piezoelectric Graphene Ink enabling Thin-Film Pressure Sensors of Any Size https://t.co/3PtkWP0939

Sun Feb 28 20:57:48 — 2016
Haydale @HaydaleGraphene

If you missed our great news about research grants. Details here. @insiderwales @RayGibbs3 https://t.co/GTtdTYWkvu

Thu Feb 25 07:53:03 — 2016
Ray Gibbs @RayGibbs3

Sensors are a key component of the $150bn Internet of Things market . Lots of opportunity here!

Tue Feb 23 07:57:05 — 2016
Brian Cunniffe @brian_cunniffe

The future of wearable's....how much will inform the way we deliver? https://t.co/IdewWYV67H

Wed Feb 17 18:18:25 — 2016
Swansea Engineering @SUEngineering

A beautiful afternoon on Bay Campus ☀️ https://t.co/wezkJ5wKgI

Tue Feb 23 16:02:36 — 2016
Swansea Engineering @SUEngineering

Swansea really is beautiful on evenings like this @SwanseaUni @VisitSwanseaBay https://t.co/aD6VOksiL9

Tue Feb 23 17:56:41 — 2016

Graphics and Packaging

Stereo Microscope Measurements WCPC Graphics Prints Evaluation of Colour Differences Timsons T-Flex Press

As a vital area of the economy research and support of this sector are considered to be a corner stone for WCPC.

Medical and Biotechnology

Printing with the Bioplotter WCPC New lab in ILS2 Design, Fabrication & Testing of Biosensors Flexographic Printed Antibodies

Printing as a manufacturing process for integrating conductives and biotechnology will provide high speed low cost manufacturing solutions.

Printed Electronics

Reel-2-Reel Printed Electronics Flexographic Printed Grid Printed Electronics Thin Film Printed EL - POLICE

The holistic approach to printed electronics is removing the trial an error approach of materials and process integration.