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WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Just taken delivery of a Norbert Schlafli lab printer, (screen, felxo and gravure). Useful for the industrial research work

Fri Nov 27 14:31:00 — 2015
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Now Chris Phillips is presenting about the fabrication of electronic contacts using aerosol jet technology.

Tue Nov 10 12:49:38 — 2015
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Next up is Sakulrat Foulston presenting Ink transfer in printing on glass substrates via flexography.

Tue Nov 10 12:30:47 — 2015
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Up now is Matt Everett discussing the effects of mesh ruling and particle size of EL phosphors in screen printing electroluminescent devices

Tue Nov 10 11:49:18 — 2015
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

John Lau is now discussing and comparing different printing technologies for producing conductive features.

Tue Nov 10 10:59:03 — 2015
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Now speaking is Sakulrat Foulston on the characterisation of ink transfer from open cell anilox rolls.

Tue Nov 10 10:15:07 — 2015
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

First up this morning is Tatyana Korochkina presenting on formulation and deposition of intermediate layers on rough steel for solar cells.

Tue Nov 10 09:51:34 — 2015
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Welcome to the second day of the WCPC 11th Annual Technical Conference,

Tue Nov 10 09:47:40 — 2015
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

End of the first day of the 11th Annual WCPC conference. Great attendance with over 50 delegates attending. See you all tomorrow.

Mon Nov 09 16:55:57 — 2015
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Final presentation of the day is from David Shaw about printed conductive grids produced via inkjet printing.

Mon Nov 09 16:33:13 — 2015
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

An interesting talk from Dan Thomas on 3D Printing High Performance Materials with Integrated Electronics for Dynamic Component Engineering,

Mon Nov 09 16:31:43 — 2015
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Starting the final session of the day with Ben Mogg discussing flexographically printed semiconductor polymers for OLED lighting.

Mon Nov 09 15:53:23 — 2015
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Interesting project introduction from Emily Radley about Mechanical properties of pre-coated metal systems.

Mon Nov 09 15:51:38 — 2015
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

An exciting afternoon with presentations from Miles Morgan and James Claypole about rheology and its effect on printed features .

Mon Nov 09 15:50:26 — 2015
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Finishing up this mornings session is David Beynon discussing UV-Ozone treatment of flexographic printing plates to modify surface energy.

Mon Nov 09 12:45:04 — 2015
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Presenting now on the the effect of PEG as a plasticizer for the manufacture of nanocellulose films is Zari Tehrani. #PFI #WCPC

Mon Nov 09 12:27:18 — 2015
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Next up is Alex Holder of the #WCPC, presenting on the topic of interfaces under extensional flows. #Rheology

Mon Nov 09 11:48:15 — 2015
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Exhibitors at this years conference are; RK Print, BioDot, Novacentrix, Haydale and Synergy Devices Ltd. Come along for a chat. #WCPC

Mon Nov 09 11:25:55 — 2015
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Now presenting on innovations in large area electronics is Philip Cooper. #Printed #Electronics #EPSRC #CIMLAE

Mon Nov 09 11:00:43 — 2015
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Stan Farnsworth opens the 2015 WCPC annual conference at the Marriott Hotel Swansea discussing aesthetics in printed electronics.

Mon Nov 09 10:28:08 — 2015

National Centre for Print Manufacturing - Strategic Plan

Graphics and Packaging

Stereo Microscope Measurements WCPC Graphics Prints Evaluation of Colour Differences Timsons T-Flex Press

As a vital area of the economy research and support of this sector are considered to be a corner stone for WCPC.

Medical and Biotechnology

Printing with the Bioplotter WCPC New lab in ILS2 Design, Fabrication & Testing of Biosensors Flexographic Printed Antibodies

Printing as a manufacturing process for integrating conductives and biotechnology will provide high speed low cost manufacturing solutions.

Printed Electronics

Reel-2-Reel Printed Electronics Flexographic Printed Grid Printed Electronics Thin Film Printed EL - POLICE

The holistic approach to printed electronics is removing the trial an error approach of materials and process integration.