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Upcoming Events


WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

WCPC worked with Edrington in exploratory work to improve the bottling of their world class Whisky products through the A4B program.

Wed Oct 22 16:02:41 — 2014
Joanna Daniel @JFDaniel83

@WCPCSwansea Electronic Textiles and Smart Fabrics Workshop 4th Nov Swansea #printing #coating Register here

Mon Oct 13 11:30:36 — 2014
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Wearable high technology for fashion and aging - Smart Textiles and Fabrics APN Workshop - 4th November Swansea #APN

Tue Oct 14 14:08:29 — 2014
Joanna Daniel @JFDaniel83

@WCPCSwansea's Electronic Textiles and Smart Fabrics Workshop Nov 4th in Swansea. Register here #printing #coating

Thu Oct 09 09:08:16 — 2014
ASTUTE @AstuteWales

@WCPCSwansea Annual Technical Conference Nov 2014 advancing the understanding of all aspects of printing and coating.

Mon Oct 06 11:09:09 — 2014
Joanna Daniel @JFDaniel83

Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating Annual Conference, 24th & 25th Nov 2014 Register here @WCPCSwansea

Mon Oct 06 10:50:06 — 2014
Joanna Daniel @JFDaniel83

@WCPCSwansea is hosting their Annual Conference on 24-25th Nov in Swansea. Register here #printing #coating

Fri Oct 03 11:40:13 — 2014
Tim Claypole @TimCClaypole

Just given well received talk on wcpc research at FESPA Print Now. Lots of interest in printed pressure sensor

Tue Sep 30 13:58:17 — 2014
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Davide"s pressure sensor funded by a4b demonstrated on our stand

Tue Sep 23 13:50:32 — 2014
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

WCPC at EPSRC manufacturing the future exhibition Glasgow

Tue Sep 23 12:14:49 — 2014
Swansea University @SwanseaUni

University-developed 3D tissue #bioprinting technology now commercially available @WCPCSwansea @SUEngineering

Fri Sep 19 10:12:10 — 2014
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Day 2 - session 2a - excellent papers on printed functionality, especially batteries #IARIGAI2014

Mon Sep 08 08:45:17 — 2014
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

IARIGAI has started with a good attendance at the workshops on 3D printing, PV and Photonic curing #IARIGAI2014

Sun Sep 07 09:28:11 — 2014
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Last day to register on line for IARIGAI, World leading conference on printing science and technology #IARIGAI2014

Sun Aug 31 10:51:24 — 2014
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Is ink migration affecting your food packaging – only 1 day left to register! #IARIGAI2014

Sat Aug 30 18:21:05 — 2014
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Don’t miss out on printed energy harvesting – only 2 days left to register! #IARIGAI2014

Sat Aug 30 09:24:55 — 2014
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Making your packaging interact with your customer – only 2 days left to register! #IARIGAI2014

Fri Aug 29 21:22:16 — 2014
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

3D printing, AR, ink migration, rheology, printed electronics - less than a week left to book #IARIGAI2014

Mon Aug 25 21:51:07 — 2014
Graphene SIG @GrapheneSIG

Haydale Announces Collaboration Agreement with Swansea University’s Welsh Centre for Printing & Coatings @WCPCSwansea

Tue Jul 15 10:02:48 — 2014
Welsh Gov Innovation @WG_innovation

Haydale Graphene Industries sign research collaboration agreement with @WCPCSwansea

Mon Jul 14 13:25:20 — 2014

Graphics and Packaging

Stereo Microscope Measurements WCPC Graphics Prints Evaluation of Colour Differences Timsons T-Flex Press

As a vital area of the economy research and support of this sector are considered to be a corner stone for WCPC.

Medical and Biotechnology

Printing with the Bioplotter WCPC New lab in ILS2 Design, Fabrication & Testing of Biosensors Flexographic Printed Antibodies

Printing as a manufacturing process for integrating conductives and biotechnology will provide high speed low cost manufacturing solutions.

Printed Electronics

Reel-2-Reel Printed Electronics Flexographic Printed Grid Printed Electronics Thin Film Printed EL - POLICE

The holistic approach to printed electronics is removing the trial an error approach of materials and process integration.