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Upcoming Events


WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Early bird registration available until 11th September. Book your place now. #Swansea https://t.co/u6n7MFFGBq

Tue Aug 23 09:31:10 — 2016
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

20 days to take advantage of the early bird rate. WCPC annual conference 2016 #flexo #graphene #EL https://t.co/u6n7MFFGBq

Tue Aug 23 09:23:20 — 2016
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

WCPC Annual Technical Conference 7th & 8th November 2016. #functionalmaterialsandsensors

Tue Aug 23 09:27:39 — 2016
DS Smith @DSSmithRecycle

Great to see @WRAP_UK's Linda Crichton, Head of Resource Management on @BBCBreakfast discussing #recycling & contamination!

Tue Aug 23 08:23:25 — 2016
Marabu-UK @marabuuk

Know anyone who may may be interested in this position in our team? https://t.co/1tINhtREIL https://t.co/LVJsqhtd9L

Tue Aug 23 08:50:12 — 2016
InPrint Show @InPrintLive

This week is the last week for completing the InPrint Decor Survey - do it now and get free advanced copy... https://t.co/8DA0h7JSbe

Mon Aug 22 08:18:49 — 2016
PHD Marketing @PHDMarketing1

In todays competitive business environment, product #packaging is as crucial as the product! https://t.co/32Tnt7KFkx https://t.co/w8Bn0z7mc0

Tue Aug 23 07:45:21 — 2016
Haydale @HaydaleGraphene

Could planes of the future be built using graphene ? https://t.co/Utzy3shJBX @UoMGraphene #wondermaterials https://t.co/SmJMptfNRp

Tue Aug 23 07:33:08 — 2016
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

20 days to take advantage of the early bird rate. WCPC annual conference 2016 #flexo #graphene #EL https://t.co/u6n7MFFGBq

Tue Aug 23 09:23:20 — 2016
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

I am attending https://t.co/HAGThcu1MY

Tue Aug 23 09:20:40 — 2016
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

WCPC Annual Conference 7th & 8th November. Early Bird rate available until 11th September. Register now! https://t.co/u6n7MFFGBq #printing

Fri Aug 19 09:24:22 — 2016
Tim Claypole @TimCClaypole

Well done Andrew Claypole @WCPCSwansea @HaydaleGraphene https://t.co/rRg9AHlCfY

Wed Aug 03 13:20:29 — 2016
Tim Claypole @TimCClaypole

Just secured funding to strengthen our links with Argentina. Looking forward to working on printing as an advanced manufacturing process

Wed Jul 27 07:50:27 — 2016
Roger Highfield @RogerHighfield

Now @sarahcruddas talks about 'exciting, inspirational' #WonderMaterials @msimanchester 4 sponsor @HaydaleGraphene https://t.co/7no6K6zGiv

Fri Jul 22 17:56:33 — 2016
MSI Manchester @msimanchester

The fabulous @sarahcruddas representing @HaydaleGraphene -graphene is now a teenager, great phrase #wondermaterials https://t.co/iRfJbCquPz

Fri Jul 22 17:54:21 — 2016
Haydale @HaydaleGraphene

Opening Day of #WonderMaterials - great to see so many young people being inspired by graphene. @msimanchester

Sat Jul 23 11:07:53 — 2016
graphenemanchester @UoMGraphene

Sir Andre Geim welcomes guests at the press view for @msimanchester #WonderMaterials @HaydaleGraphene https://t.co/XA3KqtFYAQ

Fri Jul 22 13:27:22 — 2016
Roger Highfield @RogerHighfield

Now over to @RayGibbs3 of @HaydaleGraphene for launch of #WonderMaterials @msimanchester https://t.co/yIm8r5YWiX

Fri Jul 22 13:21:10 — 2016
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Working with Haydale on automotive applications of printed electronics https://t.co/YO2VxK0gON

Sat Jul 23 11:03:18 — 2016
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

Pleased to be working with haydale on new coatings. https://t.co/eTBBqJvRj8

Sat Jul 23 11:00:51 — 2016

Graphics and Packaging

Stereo Microscope Measurements WCPC Graphics Prints Evaluation of Colour Differences Timsons T-Flex Press

As a vital area of the economy research and support of this sector are considered to be a corner stone for WCPC.

Medical and Biotechnology

Printing with the Bioplotter WCPC New lab in ILS2 Design, Fabrication & Testing of Biosensors Flexographic Printed Antibodies

Printing as a manufacturing process for integrating conductives and biotechnology will provide high speed low cost manufacturing solutions.

Printed Electronics

Reel-2-Reel Printed Electronics Flexographic Printed Grid Printed Electronics Thin Film Printed EL - POLICE

The holistic approach to printed electronics is removing the trial an error approach of materials and process integration.