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Prof Tim Claypole @ProfClaypole

Aldo Perreti announces major exhibition in Milan in May. Alternating with DRUPA https://t.co/jeLODazLyE

Wed Nov 15 12:03:06 — 2017
Tim Claypole @TimCClaypole

Italian flexo day. 480 delegates. Sante Conselvan opens the congress https://t.co/Svp5JWsoDl

Wed Nov 15 08:55:58 — 2017
Prof Tim Claypole @ProfClaypole

Excellent opening session on batteries, day 2 of WCPC Annual Technical Conference. Martin Krebb VARTA keynote. Also 2 of my HdM Phd students

Tue Nov 07 10:33:37 — 2017
Prof Tim Claypole @ProfClaypole

Start of the afternoon session. Patrick Gane of OMYA on capturing the power of pore fluid interaction. WCPC technic… https://t.co/VOPMLXRY0X

Mon Nov 06 13:57:57 — 2017
Prof Tim Claypole @ProfClaypole

Jon Lau describing the research he did in Japan with ASADA mesh and sun chemicals. WCPC technical conference https://t.co/pcxq8yx6xu

Mon Nov 06 12:18:17 — 2017
Prof Tim Claypole @ProfClaypole

More from the WCPC Conference. James Claypole on the rheology of printing ink. https://t.co/fhEh71J2Iy

Mon Nov 06 11:45:43 — 2017
Prof Tim Claypole @ProfClaypole

More on flexography as Miles Morgan describes his research on influence of rheology on instabilities in ink film sp… https://t.co/EIilZyEfBZ

Mon Nov 06 10:22:53 — 2017
Prof Tim Claypole @ProfClaypole

Giuseppe of UTECO https://t.co/dTUQR4lFSf

Mon Nov 06 09:54:15 — 2017
Prof Tim Claypole @ProfClaypole

Day 1 of the WCPC 13th annual technical conference. Giuseppe Tripaldi, UTECO, opening key note on "Flexography for packaging "

Mon Nov 06 09:53:00 — 2017
Prof Tim Claypole @ProfClaypole

Good congress on advances in packaging. Nearly 200 delegates. My paper on flexo and graphene generated lots of interest.

Sat Oct 28 08:25:36 — 2017
Prof Tim Claypole @ProfClaypole

Keynote speaker this morning on "advances in flexo" at 2nd int congress on advances in the packaging industry in Milan

Fri Oct 27 08:35:55 — 2017
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

WCPC Annual Conference 2017 - registration closes 1st November. #printingresearch

Fri Oct 27 08:25:43 — 2017
Prof Tim Claypole @ProfClaypole

Lots of interest in the Haydale gnp heater for aerospace application's at WASP #Haydalegraphene

Thu Oct 26 08:12:40 — 2017
Prof Tim Claypole @ProfClaypole

James claypole will be talking about the Haydale gnp enabled flexible printed heaters for aerospace at WASP tomorrow #haydalegraphene

Tue Oct 24 17:57:24 — 2017
Prof Tim Claypole @ProfClaypole

Already planning our papers https://t.co/0ZYInvFyCD

Tue Oct 24 17:54:04 — 2017
Ray Gibbs @RayGibbs3

USA Haydale President presenting our SiC products used in new technologies-the game changing metal additive manufac… https://t.co/I8ZJuBejhz

Wed Oct 11 21:49:50 — 2017
Prof Tim Claypole @ProfClaypole

The closing speech for 2nd Print Istanbul. Excellent conference. Start planning now for 2 years time. https://t.co/ZdVXcdBlAT

Thu Oct 12 14:17:13 — 2017
Tim Claypole @TimCClaypole

Organising committee and invited speakers https://t.co/zALIhN39Bz

Thu Oct 12 13:14:05 — 2017
Tim Claypole @TimCClaypole

Morning on the second day of Print Istanbul https://t.co/3QEqKdZ9R3

Thu Oct 12 13:07:00 — 2017
WCPC Swansea @WCPCSwansea

3 weeks left to register for WCPC Annual conference 2018 for more information please visit https://t.co/u6n7MFFGBq

Thu Oct 12 11:43:16 — 2017

Graphics and Packaging

Stereo Microscope Measurements WCPC Graphics Prints Evaluation of Colour Differences Timsons T-Flex Press

As a vital area of the economy research and support of this sector are considered to be a corner stone for WCPC.

Medical and Biotechnology

Printing with the Bioplotter WCPC New lab in ILS2 Design, Fabrication & Testing of Biosensors Flexographic Printed Antibodies

Printing as a manufacturing process for integrating conductives and biotechnology will provide high speed low cost manufacturing solutions.

Printed Electronics

Reel-2-Reel Printed Electronics Flexographic Printed Grid Printed Electronics Thin Film Printed EL - POLICE

The holistic approach to printed electronics is removing the trial an error approach of materials and process integration.